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Never A Die Charge

Union Made Challenge CoinsThe Challenger Coin tradition has a military origin and is used by all branches of the US armed services as tokens of esprit de corps between units. Police and Fire Departments have adopted the tradition as well as Labor Unions and all types of organizations and businesses who wish to commemorate a special event or anniversary. Pricing: All Coins are quoted on an individual basis, as few as 100 coins and never a Die Charge. Key factors in determining your Coin price are: Quantity, Size, Numbers of Enamel Colors in the design, Plating Finishes; Bright (polished) or Antique Gold, Silver or Bronze. Our Customer Care personnel will walk you through pricing, as long as we have these key factors to work with.

Coin Information: Never a Die Charge

Sizes: 3 mm Thick: Average diameter 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″. Most custom sizes are available, consult Customer Care
Designs: 2D & 3D Sculpted Designs
Color: Any Standard PMS Enamel Color. Maybe plated in Bright or Antique Gold, Silver or Bronze.
Process: Die Struck
Production: All orders are Virtual Proofed prior to production. Actual Sample Proofs are available, please consult Customer Care.

Borders/ Edges: Prices vary depending on quantity, consult Customer Care. Flat Edge is Standard.


  • Oblique Line Edge
  • Rope Line Edge
  • Flat Wave Edge
  • Petal Edge


Prices vary depending on quantity, consult Customer Care:Standard Packaging, in Clear Poly Bag.


  • PVC Pouch/Bag
  • Plastic Coin Capsule
  • Black Velour Bag

Epoxy Dome: Consult Customer care

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